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A Snappy Holiday Weekend

Glad to pick up an extra day this week...even for being automatic for a holiday. 

Had a chance to join Baby for my first Solstice ritual in Arizona.  Pretty cool.  The ceremony itself was a little technically disjointed.  The PA mic wasn't on par and those giving the directions sounded like they'd been lowered into a well.  But we still enjoyed ourselves.  Partook of a potluck lunch before the proceedings and met a few of the other pagans Baby already knew and some we were meeting for the first time.  At the ritual's raffle drawing we scored three prizes between us, with both of us landing craftily designed wooden boxes.  Now I just have to sharpen up on really introducing myself to Christopaganism and Hinduism now and pretty soon I'll have to work up a collection of spiritually important trinkets and tools.

Then Baby and I headed to her first photo shoot!!  What a great opportunity for her!!!  The guy's name was Richard Wallace, a pro photographer who shot out of his own apartment.  When he opened the front door we were both probably wondering what the hell he was doing answering the door on his knees!  Turns out he'd lost the use of his legs and was confined to a wheelchair.  All that aside, he was extremely professional and knowledgeable and knew just how to pose Baby to bring out her photogenic strengths!  She brought along her steampunk goth outfit with a top hat and her red shirt/black vest outfit and killed it in front of the camera!  HOT STUFF, man!!  Now Baby has picked up two more photo shoots in the next month or so!  Very excited for her--and very excited looking at the photos of her.

Christmas/Yule were great!  Got Baby a sweet black coffin purse, a Hello Kitty ceramic bank she can paint with whatever colors of her choice, the book "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" and a bar of Godiva raspberry dark chocolate!!  I was given a very comfy memory foam pillow, a book on how to improve brain function (especially with memory!), an electric shaver and Nivea face cleanser and three ginormous bars of soap!!  I don't know what it is about soap but soap ROCKS.  My mom got us the excellent digital camera (among other things)!  And today we had a great lunch at Village Inn--a restaurant I am glad to know they still have because it was a big culinary backdrop to my childhood--and then spent a little while over at Rickey and Neenie's place!!

So, yeah, definitely a snappy holiday weekend...in more ways than one!!