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It is real.

Ang and I made it.  Physically, yes, but I'm talking about making it...in life.  Missouri can suck it.  We're here in the Grand Canyon State and nothing can turn us back.  From Arizona nor to who we were (or thought we were) back home.  Not to say everything we were back in St. Louis was a catastrophic failure.  We had really great friends and there were some great attributes the neighborhood had as far as culture and history.  But it was like the buildings and theme parks in "Life After People"; it has become strangled and drowned by overgrowth and very, very shoddy.  And nobody will ever be back to see what needs to be fixed.  It died a long time ago and it was just better to have left it to die. 

Hello, Mesa.  After the first week here we finally got to smile.  Because it was real and because it was happening to the least lucky couple.  And so much of what we'd had to endure with the cats and holding our own despite their agony was finally at an end.  We didn't not want to face up to the fact we had what was so long out of our grasp, of course, but there was something about this place that was holding us in its power and telling us we had it better now.  More of a power than interesting smelling air or mountains that looked just as beautiful from the freeway as they did up close; it was a power of re-energizing.